Our mission and vision

Love INC of Southwest Florida is one of more than a hundred Love INC locations across the United States and Kenya, who partner with over 7,800 Christian churches to serve hundreds of thousands of people in need.

Our local Love INC serves families who reside in South Lee and North Collier communities or are connected to one of our Love INC partner churches. How? By mobilizing these local church partners to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. Here’s why that works:

Without Love INC

Churches serve their communities in different ways. One area may have a financial literacy program, while another has housing assistance. Yet, when care is not coordinated, needs can be overlooked or duplicated, and people are not served in a holistic manner.

With Love INC

Love INC fosters collaboration and organizes holistic care to help churches serve their neighbors through resources and relationships. By networking churches together, each church is able to lean into their strengths, knowing that their neighbors will be cared for by the body of Christ within their community.

Our Partner Churches

Christian churches from across at least six denominations partner together to form a Love INC. Within these partnerships, Love INC serves as the scaffolding upon which greater growth is possible. However, it is the Christians in these churches who model Christ’s love and answer God’s call to serve. Working together as the body of Christ, we can best love and serve our community.

Our Staff

Chrissy Cosner
Executive Director
Mandy Carey
Office Manager
Veronica Moreno
Senior Case Manager
Rosanna Galt
Assistant Case Manager

Board of Directors

William Jones
Board Member
Rev. Michael Roe
Board Member
Bill Gilmore
Board Member
Liz Whitney
Board Member
Marshall Bender
Board Member
Lynda VanBibber
Board Member
James Murphy
Board Member