Our Programs

In need of assistance? Call Love INC SWFL.

The first thing you’ll hear is the voice of a caring, well equipped volunteer from one of our partner churches. A volunteer who will take the time to listen and care for you; who will inquire about the presenting need, but also explore the broader context of your situation. Everything we do revolves around relationships because Love INC isn’t just about meeting needs, it’s about meeting people where they are at, and helping them achieve their God-given potential. Here are a few of the ways we do that in our community.


The Love INC Clearinghouse takes many requests for help each year. These calls are answered by caring volunteers who listen to understand people’s situations and direct them to the most appropriate source of help. This can mean a referral to an area agency or services provided by area churches and volunteers through the Clearinghouse.

If you are in need of help, please call our number below during our Clearinghouse hours of Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm, and one of our staff or volunteers will be happy to assist you.

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Faith & Finances, a 12 week course led by trained and caring volunteers, discussing various topics such as: How money affects our relationships, How values and attitudes shape money habits, How to overcome financial obstacles, How to set savings goals, How to create a basic budget, How to save money by living simply, How to include joyful giving in your budget, How to avoid debt and know your credit score, When to borrow money in healthy ways, How to open and use a bank account, How to prepare for emergencies, How to stick to new money habits, and more! Stay tuned for more info, including dates and locations.

Prayer Requests

Prayer is an integral part of who we are. Before we start our day, our meetings, or answer any phone calls… we pray. This gives God the opportunity to guide us on what He wants us to do. And we’re never disappointed.​​​ Would you like someone to pray for or with you? Email us at office@loveincswfl.org or submit your prayer request here.